Sway into Summer with Mikyajy’s new perfume collection

Signature fragrances that speak to every modern woman

This Summer, include your scent on your shopping list as the UAE’s homegrown beauty brand Mikyajy launches a full lineup of fragrances that you will surely need in your beauty bag. Promising an aromatic retreat that every contemporary woman needs in her life, the range consists of relaunches of existing market favorites as well as all-new, long-lasting Eaux de Parfum and rejuvenating body mists that transform Mikyajy into a true contender in the perfumery space.

Mikyajy Sparkle Fragrance AED 129

Embodying the region’s love for glamour and excess, the Bling Bling collection is a range of refreshing, bright and evocative of the beauty of a go-getter. The entire collection is meant for easy wear while letting the wearer be her most splendid self. The house’s best-selling Sabaya is a symphony of floral fruity hints with black currant and marine notes. Paradise, with one spritz, takes you to a place worthy of the name, with floral oriental tones in vanilla and jasmine. Moonlight’s floral woody notes in rose, orchid and damask plum is a truly dazzling evening scent while Sparkle’s fresh floral fragrances in musk and jasmine is a bright iteration of a woman’s femininity. Whichever you choose, the entire collection blooms to accentuate the core of your personality. Capturing the essence of a debonair, the collection opens its olfactory delights with the Be

My Love collection that expresses femininity with sweet, delicate scents. Concocting the best of nature’s ingredients to create perfumes and paint experiences, the collection boasts of an inviting line-up that every woman will want to wear. With three unique fragrances, the collection has the best of natural notes with a floral fruity fragrance named In Love, a floral woody blend called Tease Me and a floral oriental affair dubbed Flirt.

Reflecting life’s radiance in women who dare to travel off the beaten path, Mikyajy’s Glam Wild collection is intensely spirited and has three floral creations that speak to the independent, sophisticated woman. Wild Soul is a captivating blend of Oriental florals with peach blossoms musk and amber woods, while the Wild Heart is a classic combination of rose and violet to capture a woman’s essence. The collection continues its luxury and elegance with Wild Spirit, which is a floral woody fragrance with black currant, lily jasmine and musk, for those who love a sense of darkness and deep mystery. The collection embraces and brings out the underlying sensuality of women and offers up fragrances that narrate stories of her lifestyle and attitude – that is to be bold and beautiful.

Mikyajy all-new perfume collection, its scents and its packaging, is modern and confident,just like the women it caters to. Choose your favourite and give your personality a scent everyone will remember. All fragrances come in a 200mL body mist version for those who prefer a lighter, airier whiff.
Eau de Parfum (all fragrances) – AED 129

Body Mist (all fragrances) – AED 49

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