Urban decay Naked 2 Palette Review

Urban Decay Naked Palettes are not new to the beauty scene. They are perhaps the most talked about product in the beauty World . Companies go back and forth trying to copy and replicate the naked palette , in the aim for making them more affordable . Some cosmetic companies have easily surpassed the Naked Palette both in quality and pricing .
I craved this palette for a very long time as I had often seen it raved about on beauty blogs but, like quite a few people I know, found it hard to get my hands on to be honest .The Urban Decay Naked Palette has a brush included which is handy if you’re taking this out on the go or for travelling as it’s less to carry around and the quality of the brush is actually really good! In fact, I tend to use this brush now for eye shadow instead of my blending brush which I have been using for a long time.

The Urban Decay Naked palette is expensive when compared to other palettes in the markets, but the colors are heavily pigmented so unlike cheaper eye-shadows less really is more and the bottle of eyeshadow stay potion is fantastic. 

I’ve a tendency to rub my eyes and I end up with eye-shadow over my hands and sparkling cheeks, I’ve been amazed that this stays in place all day and only comes off when I remove it with make up remover.


But although this is not the case with all the naked palette eye shadows . I find the matte shadows really chalky and for some reason I always find them foiling ,which is so annoying because you end up wasting allot of product .When you notice powder products start to foil or a film forms over them it just reduces the life of the product . I would recommend to chuck them out asap ! 

Party Look
Daytime look


Party/evening out Look
The appearance of the Naked 2 palette itself is lovely there is no denying, it is actually a tin effect finish which  compliments the metallic finish detailing very well and looks great stacked with my other palettes on my dressing table! All urban decay products are made to catch the eye . 
Over all its a good product , but they are better products out in the market at a much better price . Is it worth the hype ? … Naa.. I dont think so . Will I buy any other Naked 2 palettes ? Probably not 

Rating :3/4
Website: HERE

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