Discover the secrets of Korean beauty with The Konjac Sponge Company

Konjac Cutout Natural Body Sponge-80AED

Those with their fingers on the beauty pulse will know that the biggest trend making waves on the circuit at the moment has to be the Korean beauty trend. From quirky sheet masks, to innovative cosmetics, Korean beauty has come in to its own but did you know that the heart of Korean beauty can be dated back more than 1,500 years with the Konjac plant? Intrigued? Let us tell you a little bit more about how this wonder plant can completely overhaul your beauty routine!

What is Konjac?
The Konjac Potato is a plant native to Asia and can be found growing at high altitudes.

It was first discovered in the Indochinese region and is highly prized for its health giving properties.

It is made up of 97% water and a food source packed full of minerals yet low in calories.

As it is naturally alkaline, Konjac is PH neutral which leaves the skin balanced.

Why use Konjac in the form of a sponge?
Konjac is free from chemicals, irritants, and 100% biodegradable.

They are kind enough to use on even the most sensitive skin.

This gorgeous, eco-friendly material is a great way to exfoliate without irritating the skin.

A spot of your favourite cleanser on a sponge will remove even waterproof makeup.

They can be rinsed and reused for up to several months, making them a cost effective way to care for your skin.

The Konjac Sponge Company is available in Wojooh stores in the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai, Sahara Centre in Sharjah and Marina Mall, Khalidiya Mall, and Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi. Ras al Khaimah residents can pick up their Konjac sponge in Naeem Mall. The Konjac Sponge Company is also stocked in Holland and Barrett, The Organic Café, House of Fraser and, and Prices start from Dhs75. Visit and follow us on @konjacspongecompany to find out more.


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