Soothe stressed skin with Urban Veda

Between the hot climate, busy lifestyles and daily stress, your skin puts up with a lot and may struggle to stay hydrated and healthy. Help is at hand from Ayurvedic beauty brand, Urban Veda, and the Soothing range which promises to use botanical formulas to replace what nature takes from your skin. The soothing range is perfect for those who have a Pitta Dosha which displays signs of hot, inflamed skin.

Soothing Day Cream- AED 135

A good day cream is one of the best investments that you can make for your skin and this natural botanical infusion doesn’t disappoint. It calms down any redness, rehydrates dry patches and calms down the appearance of fine lines.

Soothing Clarifying Night Cream- AED 135

Plump, renew and repair over night with the Soothing Clarifying Night Cream which uses key essential oils and harmonising flower extracts to fight against pesky lines and wrinkles as you sleep. The gorgeous scent is also known to calm mental fatigue.

Soothing Exfoliating Facial Polish- AED 95

Say hello to skin with a new lease of life as the Soothing Exfoliating Facial Polish gently removes debris and dead skin cells, revealing a radiant complexion. This uplifting and clarifying scrub helps to balance elemental damage while keeping skin healthy.

Soothing Hydrating Toner- AED 95
Alcohol free and PH balanced, this gentle but effective toner will get to work on removing grease while also calming flushed skin. This toner is perfect for those who suffer from both oily and dry patches.

Soothing Daily Facial Wash- AED 85

We couldn’t think of a better way to start our day than with this gorgeously invigorating facial wash that tackles daily dirt and grime, leaving your soft, supple and moisturised. The mixture of flower, herb and spice essential oils enhance vitality giving a glow to your complexion.

Soothing Body Scrub- AED 85

It’s not just your face that benefits from a good exfoliation, your body needs to equally be looked after. Scrubbing away dead skin cells can improve uneven skin tone and help in the battle against cellulite. Getting into the habit of making a body exfoliation once a week will help maintain soft and smooth skin.

Soothing Body Wash- AED 75


The aromatic scent of Sandalwood not only smells divine, it works wonders on easing stress and fatigue. Vitamins and anti-oxidant rich ingredients moisturise the skin while keeping the skin’s natural moisture barrier at a healthy level.

Soothing Body Lotion- AED 95

Post exfoliation it is important to moisturise well and this lotion works wonders in soothing, softening and smoothing skin. Key essential oils work on improving skin tone and boosting circulation while the fragrant botanicals are guaranteed to beat calm and balance the senses.The full Urban Veda range is also available in Holland and Barrett outlets, Spinney’s, Waitrose, Lulu Al Barsha, and Bio Organic (Dubai branch). Prices start from AED 75.

For more information on the Urban Veda range and to find out your dosha, visit, and follow us on Instagram @urbanveda


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