Turn back time with Herbal Essentials


Between busy lifestyles, pollution and sun damage, our skin goes through a lot and for many pesky lines and wrinkles can leave you feeling less than your best. Luckily help is at hand thanks to the experts at Herbal Essentials and their natural anti-ageing products.

Treat yourself to a little dose of luxury with the Grape Seed & Shea Butter AHA Cream Night Formula(300 AED) which is infused with rich Shea Butter which is known for being deeply nourishing. It also contains Fruit Enzymes which will gently work while you sleep to aid exfoliation, leaving younger looking skin. Tired looking eyes? The Aloe Vera & Honey Under Eye Gel Hydrating (155 AED) is packed with Aloe Vera Juice to rehydrate which helps smooth the appearance of lines while honey, which is known for its healing properties, gets to work on repairing damage, leaving the skin around those tired eyes looking smooth and supple.

Herbal Essentials rich and luxurious Aloe Vera and Wheat Germ Oil Defense Cream (AED 395) is formulated with a unique blend of natural oils, including Wheat Germ Oil, a rich source of natural Vitamin E, also renowned for its high nutrient content. Its superior moisturising and soothing ingredients are widely acclaimed for their role in achieving beautifully conditioned skin, making it a perfect choice for your daily skin regimen.

Herbal Essentials alcohol-free Neem & Brahmi Face Wash (AED 109) contains dry leaf extracts of Neem (Melia Azadirachta Leaf Extract) and Brahmi (Bacopa Monniera extract), which is popular in Ayurvedic preparations for their widely acknowledged antiseptic properties. Daily use will leave you skin feeling cleansed and refreshed.

Award winning UAE beauty brand Herbal Essentials offers a range of skincare products that use pure Himalayan spring water, untouched and unprocessed by man, which take 20 years to pass through natural layers of rock, sand and clay. Shipped to Europe directly from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, this revitalising water, enriched in calcium, magnesium and potassium lends itself to helping create natural products for the face and body – ancient beauty wisdom with pure Himalayan Spring Water blended to the highest standards in Europe.

All products in the range are all-natural, paraffin and paraben free. Herbal Essentials is a certified member of  “Beauty Without Bunnies” Programme, meaning products are not tested on animals. Herbal Essentials products are all certified by Dermatest GmbH, a leading German dermatologist research institute who have approved the products as “dermatologist tested/approved”

To find out more about Herbal Essentials' all-natural approach to beauty and their products, visit http://www.herbal-essentials.com.


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