Charcol & Konjac Cleansing Puff by The Face Shop

fotor_147645355165644I have tried a Konjac cleaning sponge before in the past, but never from this company. Then I got on to the bandwagon of the whole facial cleansing systems and completely forgot about this all together. I received this in my Glambox and I honestly don’t know how my face survived befor I found these sponges. The cleansing puff are soft, yet abrasive enough to truly deep clean. The face Shop konjac cleansing puff is not so abrasive that you can’t use them multiple times a day. I use mine each morning and night, and while I wont lie and say that my face has completely changed, and I have a glow as if I have been eating healthy for a million years. I will say that my skin feels truly clean.

I never use it to take off makeup, so I cannot attest to its ability in that specific area; but for everyday face washing, I’ll never go back to using a  cleansing system. This particular one came moist, which was awesome!! No weird smell, super clean, no evidence of any type of mold growth. I boil mine with a few drops of tea tree oil to inhibit the growth of bacteria, and other than that I don’t really have to do much to clean it other than thoroughly rinse out the soap after I was my face.

The face shop is a company that I’ve never tried anything before but they have several outlets in the middle east . The Glam Box of sept featured several products from the face shop. Im excited to try out other stuff form the same company.


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