Johnson’s Face care Daily essentials Refreshing cleansing wipes


Today I’m doing a quick review on the Johnson’s daily essential cleansing wipes. I generally stay away from cleansing wipes or makeup removing wipes simply because the ingredients are too harsh and the alcohol dries out my skin. But lets just be honest here for a moment, we all have those days where we just cant be bothered to remove our makeup.

I received the Johnson’s Daily essentials Refreshing cleansing wipes in my PR mail. I gave it a try and absolutely fell in love with it. Firstly, it doesn’t have that alcohol smell and it feels like its burning a layer of your skin. I have sensitive skin which hates anything that is to chemically or has a high percentage of drying ingredients. The Johnson’s Daily essentials Refreshing cleansing wipes feel like they are soaked in a milky cream cleanser. The cloth is self is very soft and perfect size. As the name suggests it has a refreshing fragrance which lingers for sometime. But nothing to harsh. Its been over a month I have used these wipes and trust me I can stop myself from reaching out to them .

I use them to remove my waterproof make up and even Huda beauty lip contour pencils which is impossible to remove .It has become a part of my daily essentials and will recommend it to everyone.I use it only for makeup removal and I feel its the BEST !

Website –HERE


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