Dr.Organic Dead sea mineral Bio- plasma mud mask


I have always been a fan of Dr.organics . When I saw thy came out line with dead sea mineral I had to try it myself . My troublesome area has always been blackheads on my nose and nothing has EVER helped me! So I thought eh, why not give it a try at least, and i”m so glad that I did.


I used the dead sea mineral bio-plasma mud mask this morning and its very soft and has a good natural smell to it, I really liked that. I put it all over my face and made sure not to get it too close to my eyes, lips or hair and let it sit for about fifteen minutes. Then I rinsed the dead sea mask of with warm water while rubbing it with a washcloth softly in circular motions. I patted my face dry and I could already tell a difference, my blackheads were gone and my skin just looked brighter and also felt really soft. I didn’t have any irritation or bad reaction, which I was worried about at first because I do have very sensitive skin, and saw that other girls did have bad reaction to dead sea salt, but really you cant blame the product unless a bad reaction happens with everyone honestly, some people just have skin that it sensitive to certain thins and others don’t.


I then followed up with my skin care. The Dr. Organics face mask left my face feeling soft and refreshed with no blackheads. It really pulls toxins out and leaves my skin bright and soft. Not an easy task because I have sensitive skin with roscea. I am very pleased with this product and probably will buy it again, I would also recommend it to anyone, it you’re using it for the first time, be safe and test it out on a little patch of skin first as dead sea minerals can irritate certain skin types.


Texture of the Bio Plasma mask is very smooth, like any typical clay mask. it does tingle initially but nothing un bearable. This formula is free from parabens and is organically certified . This mask is recommended twice a week.


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