Sephora creamy mask moisturizing & plumping Review

20161031_152828When I went on my last trip to dubai my skin was a wreck . The hot weather and hotel air conditioning left my skin extremely dry and dull . Thankfully I lived close by to Sephora. The beautiful lady who worked there recommended me to try this mask and to be honest i was a bit hesitant as I never tried sephora skin care . But this lady was telling its  better then the glamglow hydrating mask. She offered me a sample and said to try it and you will fall in love with this mask.


I went to my hotel room and tried it the same night. I wasn’t expecting much as I mentioned above but I was Absolutely amazed the difference this mask made. It smells wonderful and this is the first product I’ve tried that has made my skin look and feel  back to normal with one use.I’m in love! When I first used the sephora moisturizing and plumping creamy mask on the trip I applied it 2 nights consistently and used it as my day moisturizer. Even with the summer blazing heat of dubai and laying out in the sun my skin was flawless and ready for foundation and picture taking. I believe it’s a natural product and no silicone which is usually added to create a fake smooth surface like other products. Sounds a little too good to be true but this product definitely worked for me. I don’t want to use this term but for a lack of a better word, miracle product.
The sephora creamy mask moisturizing & plumping has a nice light apricot/peachy smell that makes it fresh and fruity but not overly sweet. I’ll use it as a face masque overnight and sometimes as a regular mask and since it off after 15 min. I’ll admit that I’m not consistent with the application so whenever I start getting noticeable flaky dry skin I apply and the next day my face is soft and supple enough for foundation application.


The consistency of the product is like a creamy gel. The formula of the sephora creamy mask is very light and cooling on the skin. That is probably the reason why I felt initially it will not moisturize my skin and it doesn’t have oils or rich creamy texture. The mask absorbs into the skin within minutes leaving a thin sheen on the skin which you can leave it without washing.Since winters are coming up I feel you should definitely give this mask out a try and its cheap .


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