Turn back time with Skin Republic’s Neck and Décolletage Repair mask


As we age, the skin on the neck loses its firmness and becomes wrinkled and loose, while the skin on the décolletage becomes thin and can take on a crepe paper appearance. Sun damage can also wreak havoc in the form of wrinkles, age spots and freckles. To combat these concerns, Skin Republic has introduced the Neck and Décolletage mask to erase the tell-tale signs of aging on these areas.

With key ingredients, such as Collagen and CoQ10, the Skin Republic Neck + Décolletage Repair tightens, plumps and restores firmness to the skin. It also contains Rice Bran, Mulberry and Liquorice which brightens the skin and reduce the appearance of freckles and age spots. While Aloe and Vitamin E intensely nourish and restore a youthful tone and texture to the skin. With regular use skin appears brighter, smooth and re-densified.Collagen is vital for healthy skin. Reduced levels of collagen are especially noticeable in the skin because the skin loses its elasticity and becomes prone to sagging with age. Collagen helps to maintain skin elasticity and strength by stimulating the synthesis of new collagen and thus minimising the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines.

CoQ10 is a naturally occurring enzyme found in every living cell of the body. It is essential to good health, and plays a particularly important role in vibrant, youthful-looking skin. As we age, ourCoQ10 levels diminish, abetting the aging process of the skin. By bolstering levels of this important enzyme with topical applications to our skin the visible signs of aging will be reduced.

Rice Bran is a natural source of several antioxidants helping to fight free radicals and aid in slowing down the effects of aging.Mulberry Bark Extract naturally brightens and clears the complexion of pigmentation imbalances.Possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-viral properties while inhibiting photo aging (shown as wrinkles caused by UV radiation).

The Neck and Décolletage Mask retails at 25 AED.

All Skin Republic Masks are dermatologist tested and are not tested on animals. Skin Republic Masks have a three-year shelf life and are available from Boots pharmacy, United pharmacy, AlManara pharmacy, BinSina pharmacy, The Medicine Shoppe pharmacy, Lifestyle, Spinneys,Waitrose, Al Maya and Karji.

To learn more about the story of the Skin Republic brand, visit http://www.theskinrepublic.com.


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