3 Must-Have Styling Products from ColorWOW to Achieve Party-Ready Hair


There’s nothing like a bad hair day to dampen your mood, especially if you’re dressed to impress over the festive season. For this purpose, ColorWOW has selected its top three must-have hair products that are essential for achieving bouncy and shiny locks during this party season.

Speed Dry Spray (AED 140)


Being a product that is specifically designed to dramatically reduce the time you spend on blow-drying your hair, this product is essentially a hair saviour during the party season. With a unique, alcohol-free formula, this blow dry spray counteracts porosity, keeping vital moisture inside the cuticle and forming a high-gloss, protective clear coat on the hair. It also contains a blend of keratin proteins and silk amino acid and helps strengthen hair, while pathenol helps soften the hair for a healthier-looking texture.

One-Minute Transformation Styling Cream (AED 140)


Ideal for swift hair style switches, this styling cream helps in quickly creating a supple and polished texture that makes the hair not only easy to style but also adds a glossy effect on your locks. The non-oily and wax free formula of the product makes it ideal for instantly reviving and transforming dry or damaged hair into liquid smooth, shiny locks.  Maybe add something about using with a hairdryer for a more professional look?

Raise the Root (AED 140)


A super easy and simple to use hair spray that cannot only create body and volume for your hair, but also maintain the natural flexibility and manageability of your hair. Formulated with three lightweight elastomers, this hair spray is equipped to keep your pliable and soft as opposed to brittle and rigid. Simply spray onto damp hair, making sure to concentrate application at the roots and style your hair as desired. Can also be used on dry hair for an instant lift and shape.

All ColorWOW products are currently available from Bloomingdales Dubai Mall, Harvey Nichols Mall of Emirates, House of Fraser Yas Mall and online on the Beauty Solutions Website. For more information, please visit http://bit.ly/1QIyjUd


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