Introducing Fluid Base SPF 50+, an innovative and ultra protective SPF sunscreen from Labo Transdermic

Labo Transdermic_Sunscreen_Fluid_Base_TECHNOLOGYWith the temperatures soaring up, it now becomes essential for you to ward off the harsh and skin damaging rays of sun with an effective sunscreen. Curated with the innovative Transdermic Technology, Labo Trandermic’s Fluid Base SPF 50+ is a rich emulsion of broad-spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreens that offers very high protection for your skin, without leaving it feeling sticky or greasy.

Devoid of any parabens or colorants, this lightweight sunscreen is also capable of penetrating deep into the cutaneous layers of your skin and helps in shielding the skin cells from the harmful radiation of the sun. Specifically formulated with 8 different Hyaluronic Acids of different molecular weights and other active ingredients, Labo Transdermic’s Fluid Base SPF 50+ provides effective protection for skin cell’s nuclear DNA from UVB and UVA radiation damages.

Due to the high concentration of the formula, only three drops are required to give your face and neck high protection. This sunscreen can also be mixed or used with other creams or serums of Labo Transdermic, which do not contain any sun filters, thereby providing your skin an adequate and personalised protection from the sun.

Labo Transdermic’s Fluid Base SPF 50 is priced at AED 249 is available for purchase from leading pharmacies across the UAE including Bin Sina Pharmacy. For more information, please visit


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