Introducing trendy nail accessories from Snails

SNAILS nail wraps

Sparkly and bright nail art or stickers and glitter polishes are all the rage right now amongst little ones. So let them embrace this trend with non-toxic, kid friendly, washable, and paraben free nail wraps and nail glitters from Snails

Snails Nail Wraps (AED 14)

These nail wraps are a fun and creative way for your little ones to express themselves and these nail stickers lets them capture the magic of bright hues and sparkles on their nails.  Available in various designs, these nail stickers are easy to use and remove.  To get instantly pretty nails, just stick the nail wraps on to your nails and then just adjust them according to the nail’s size.

Snails Nail Glitters (AED 24 each)

Glitter is always an option, no matter what the season or trend is and these shimmering nail glitters from Snails lets your little ones add a bit of sparkle, fun and glamour to their outfits. Available in four shades which include, Light Purple, Purple Red, Purple Blue and Silver, these nail glitters are great for adding shine to your nail polish.

SNAILS range of Nail Glitters and Nail Wraps are currently available in various outlets in Dubai namely; Hamleys Dubai Mall, Little Explorers Dubai Marina Mall and Level Kids City walk.


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