New monthly subscription box, Cycle Logicals, launches in the UAE

**Cycle Logicals offers women an alternative way of shopping for feminine care products**

Product-655-EditCycle Logicals, a new monthly subscription box launched in the UAE is the first of its kind as a functional box for women, that also includes monthly treats and surprises for pampering and relaxation.


Once subscribed, the monthly box allows women to select their preferred choice of sanitary products. The box includes monthly treats such as face masks, skincare products and nail polish, as well as books, candles, tea, coffee, aromatherapy oils, sweet treats and healthy snacks. Cycle Logicals, wants to make every month a better month for women with their pampering and wellbeing box.


Subscribers can also expect a variety of vouchers each month in the box, offering discounts or free services from top brands, salons, e-commence stores and much more!


Each month will offer a different variety of treats and products. Subscribers will only discover what is inside that box once the boxes have been delivered for that month, offering an element of excitement and surprise every time your delivery arrives.


You can subscribe to Cycle Logicals by purchasing one month, three months, six months or 12 month packages starting from only AED 100 per box.


To find out more, please visit




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