Give your Hair Some Summer Care

Today I’m reviewing the Palmers coconut oil formula deep conditioning protein pack. This hair treatment is infused with Vitamin E and Raw coconut oil harvested from coconut palm tress. It is formulated with ethically sustainable sourced ingredients .


Palmers products are generally very natural based products and they are made to cater to sensitive skin and pregnant women especially . Since I’m now an expecting mommy Im very conscious of what I use on my body. It is very important to stay away from products that contained bleach or parabens .

The Palmers coconut oil treatment contains no sulphates , no parabens , no phthalates , no mineral oil , no gluten and no dyes. They are safe for everyone.

I used the Palmers coconut oil formula deep conditioning protein pack once and for someone who has thick hair that goes curly, frizzy and fluffy when it dries I thought I’d give this stuff a go and I was not disappointed. This stuff works like a gel without it looking greasy and does the job nicely – it doesn’t dry too hard either and easily washes out. When I generally review hair treatments or masks , I use them at-least 2 times to see the difference . But with this product I saw a change within one wash. I have long hair and this product was suitable for only one wash . Although for medium and short hair they can use this one sachet for multiple uses depending upon how sparingly they apply it .

The Palmers conditioner has a lovely coconut tropical fragrance and it lingers for long . But over all I found this treatment very nourishing to the hair and will definitely be repurchasing it soon . Also since my hair is cooler treated and very dehydrated I find it necessary to use deep hair conditioning treatments once a week to restore the nutrition in your hair apart form you daily conditioner .






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