Palmers olive oil shampoo and conditioner review 

Olive oil has a lot of  skin and hair benefits . When I saw that palmers released a new olive oil infused range I was dying to get my hands on them . Palmers products are chemical free and paraben free . They are all natural brand so I’m never hesitant trying out their products.

Today I’m reviewing the new palmers olive oil shampoo and condition. Let me tell you after a week I saw major results . It’s  Excellent at clarifying the hair. My hair was extremely strip due to coloring but easily regain moisture after using this shampoo and  deep conditioning duo. I also use it to neutralize my hair after relaxing.

I have begun using  Olive Oil products trying to thicken my hair after major post partum hair loss for the last 2 months . This product along with the conditioner and lotion has worked miracles.

I loved the way my hair looked after using the palmers olive oil shampoo and leave in conditioner. There was a noticeable positive result. I have curly hair and my curls look more defined rather then a frizzy mess . Especially since I live in he middle east and my hair is exposed to hard water I find using natural shampoos really protect my hair from chemicals.   It has a lovely luxurious lather and the fragrance is mild and clean .


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