Palmers coconut oil Formula – Body Firming Sheet mask , Conditioning Shampoo

PHOTO-2018-06-28-22-05-04Palmers coconut oil conditioning shampoo

Palmers loves spoiling us and this month i felt spoil rotten.This month palmers sent us Coconut oil hair conditioner and Body sheet masks . Firstly I am a big fan of coconut oil in general , but have always purchased it from a grocery store and it has come in a jar. They convinced me that coconut oil is amazing for hair when i tried their infused shampoo and conditioner, I wasn’t sure if I would like the Palmers coconut oil conditioning shampoo but it is very easy to use and it is so moisturizing. I don’t end up socking my hair in oil for hours , this does the magic. I have fairly damaged hair from frequent color treatments so for some nice hydration I massage the Palmers coconut oil conditioning shampoo into my hair and wrap my head before bed then wash it out in the morning. The Palmers coconut oil conditioning shampoo yields fantastic results, my hair has never felt softer.But my silky smooth hair is back!!! I couldn’t be any happier.

Palmers coconut oil Formula – Body Firming Sheet mask

The Palmer coconut oil moisturizer was amazing and works wonderfully on skin and takes the itch away. It is a Natural Skin Moisturizer – Using coconut oil for skin health works well as a moisturizer for your face. It absorbs quickly, and is non-greasy. Now when i saw they started the Palmers coconut oil Formula – Body Firming Sheet mask it was like i couldn’t have asked for more. Postpartum my skin feels so dry and dehydrated and saggy. If you have been a mother you know what im talking about. The Palmers coconut oil Formula – Body Firming Sheet mask is a life savor and the best pick me up moisturizer the best part is its so simple . The Palmers coconut oil Formula – Body Firming Sheet mask comes with two sheets and the product drenched in these sheets. My skin is left so supple.


Coats! Korea


Coats! A journey into Max Mara Heritage

Starting November 28th through December 19th 2017, a new edition of Coats! the exhibition dedicated to over 60 years of history of Max Mara, will open in Seoul, Korea, in the futuristic and multi-functional DDP (Dongadaemum Design Plaza) designed by Zaha Hadid.

After Moscow (2011), Beijing (2009), Tokyo (2007) and Berlin (2006), Coats! is designed once again by Studio Migliore+Servetto Architetti Associati. The exhibition will be shown inside a monumental dome inspired by the utopian architecture of Étienne-Louis Boullée. It will present a completely new overview of the Max Mara Heritage. This journey plunges visitors right into the heart of the history of the coat and of the brand, winding its way through seven themed rooms: a series of modern-day wunderkammer, packed with garments, sounds, memorabilia and interactive features representing the vision that moved Max Mara’s founder, Achille Maramotti: “to make the ordinary extraordinary”. The intuition that inspired him to turn the masculine coat into an icon of the womenswear wardrobe is one of the most visionary adventures of the Italian clothing industry. The exhibition starts from the dream of the perfect coat.

Coats! opens with the site-specific digital installation by the Korean artist Yiyun Kang, curated by renowned Daehyung Lee. It will explore the space of the dome, turning features of the production process and images from the Max Mara’s historical archive into patterns; a bright, living material that will give a distinctive visual slant to the exhibition’s piazza, a route through seven rooms of the Max Mara world. The rooms can be visited either in chronological order or according to theme, following the emotions, music, shifts in atmospheres, scenarios and colours that mark the move from one decade to the next.

Each room opens with a set, a sort of theatrical representation, suspended between imagination and reality, which metaphorically places the focus on a specific theme of Max Mara’s history:

  • The founder. Achille Maramotti and the dream of the coat (‘50s)
  • Creative study. The democratic coat, designers and pop (‘60s)
  • Colorama. The coat in technicolor and the art of experimentation (‘70s)
  • The icon. The magic of the coat and Italian know how (‘80s)
  • The set. The representation of the coat and the perfect image (‘90s)
  • The Max Mara women. The journey of the coat and the female universe (2000)
  • The fashion show. Runway glamour and new projects (last decade of 2000)

Over ninety coats are on show in the exhibition, starting from the first ones from the 50s to the more recent ones that walked the Milan runway, and of course the iconic 101801 style. Beginning from the early days of dressmaking and its evolution into fashion, the coats show the changes in taste, society and lifestyles that have marked each decade, together with sketches by the designers who have worked with Max Mara (Anne Marie Beretta, Emmanuelle Khanh, Karl Lagerfeld, Jean-Charles de CastelBajac, Narciso Rodriguez, Giambattista Valli and Proenza Schouler). The exhibition features historical magazines, raw materials, advertising campaigns shot by legendary fashion photographers (Richard Avedon, Arthur Elgort, Steven Meisel, Sarah Moon, Max Vadukul, Mario Sorrenti, David Sims and Craig McDean); celebrities portraits and everyday objects (sewing machines, measuring tapes, scissors etc) and artworks that are the fruit of the dialogue between contemporary artists and the founder, avid art collector. This continues today with the Collezione Maramotti.

Featuring fascinating items belonging to the historical archive of the Group the exhibition offers a reconstruction of the varieties of stories and inventions behind the know how of Max Mara illustrating the evolution of the product and the design culture underlying each garment. Coats! reveals how the family business, by engaging with the local area, Reggio Emilia, and with the world, has been able to interpret the desires of women since 1951 right up to today

Spirit of the Liens


                                                                   روح الروابط


Chaumet - Liens Seduction Pink Gold dia braceletChaumet celebrates United Arab Emirates 46th National Day with an animated movie titled “Spirit of the Liens”.

The animation pays tribute to the Spirit of the Union by featuring the Maison’s signature blue ribbon appears through different scenes of the Emirati culture. As a symbol of unity, the animation expresses the parallel between the meaning of the Liens de Chaumet and the spirit of the cosmopolitan community of the United Arab Emirates, celebrating the local culture and heritage.

Symbolically, the “lien” is the thread that creates a bond between two souls and draws their destiny closer. It reflects our relation to others, to the world and even to ourselves. The affectionate and sentimental dimension of the jewel emerges here, marking the important stages and experiences of a life.

After shaping the Spirit of the Union, the blue ribbon transforms into a Liens Séduction bangle, revealing the new Chaumet blue box.

يحتفل دار شوميه باليوم الوطني ال 46 لدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة مع فيلم قصير بعنوان “روح الروابط”.

رمزيا تشكل Liens ذلك الرابط الذي يجمع روحين مع بعضهم و يرسم مصيرهما. هي انعكاس لعلاقتنا مع الآخرين, مع العالم و حتى مع ذاتنا. هنا يظهر البعد المؤثر و العاطفي للمجوهرات, و يبرز أهم المحطات و الخبرات في الحباة.

يقدم هذا الفلم القصير تحية لروح الاتحاد من قبل شريطة باللون الأزرق الشهير لدار شوميه. يمثل الشريط القيم

المتواجدة في دولة الإمارات. تحمل جميع القيم عبر، الشريط يتحول أخيرا إلى إسوارة Liens Séduction، حيث تكشف علبة شوميه الجديدة!


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Palmers olive oil shampoo and conditioner review 

Olive oil has a lot of  skin and hair benefits . When I saw that palmers released a new olive oil infused range I was dying to get my hands on them . Palmers products are chemical free and paraben free . They are all natural brand so I’m never hesitant trying out their products.

Today I’m reviewing the new palmers olive oil shampoo and condition. Let me tell you after a week I saw major results . It’s  Excellent at clarifying the hair. My hair was extremely strip due to coloring but easily regain moisture after using this shampoo and  deep conditioning duo. I also use it to neutralize my hair after relaxing.

I have begun using  Olive Oil products trying to thicken my hair after major post partum hair loss for the last 2 months . This product along with the conditioner and lotion has worked miracles.

I loved the way my hair looked after using the palmers olive oil shampoo and leave in conditioner. There was a noticeable positive result. I have curly hair and my curls look more defined rather then a frizzy mess . Especially since I live in he middle east and my hair is exposed to hard water I find using natural shampoos really protect my hair from chemicals.   It has a lovely luxurious lather and the fragrance is mild and clean .

Fillerina’s 14-day Dermo-Cosmetic Treatment Kit delivers quick and effective fix  

Fillerina_ Filler Treatment Kit_ AED 599 

Are you bothered by that crease between your eyebrows, sunken eye area or worried about losing facial fullness? Fillerina’s Dermo-Cosmetic 14-Day Filler Treatment Kit is the quick fix to all your problems without the need to undergo a surgery and other injectable treatments.

Made with Hyaluronic acid (HA), a type of nutrient that is naturally produced by our skin to hydrate and revitalize the skin, this non-invasive topical filler treatment has been clinically approved to provide a positive filling effect by plumping out deep wrinkles and restoring youthful skin.

Fillerina dermo-cosmetic filler not only decreases the wrinkle depth and volume, but also increases the volume of cheekbones, lips and the lifting of facial features. It decreases the volume of wrinkles by filling out the empty space (depressions) under the eye area and helps lift the upper part of the face from the forehead till the jawline by adding volume and smoothing out the deep creases that run from the nose to the mouth. It makes indented scars from acne less noticeable and more level with surrounding skin.
Fillerina can help with augmenting cheeks to enhance their shape, often restoring their youthful fullness and increases volume to fill out gauntness in the lower cheek or temple area. It will also plump thin lips and smooth out vertical lines around the edges of the lips to give a fuller look.

How to use.

This DIY treatment kit comes with 2ml of gel filler and nourishing film (14 doses) along with two precision applicators that allows its users to squeeze the serum along the problem areas of the skin. The easily absorbable formula provides visible results within just 2 weeks.

Fillerina is the result of 5 years of research at Labo Cosprophar Suisse, renowned for its expertise, high standards of clinical safety and ability to bring best-in-class products to the cosmetic industrt.  Fillerina’s Derma-Cosmetic 14-Day Filler Treatment Kit is available at leading pharmacies across the UAE and is priced from AED 599. For more information please visit

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Protect yourself from harmful UV rays this winter with a super SPF.

Labo Transdermic_Sunscreen_Fluid_Base_TECHNOLOGY

** Prevent signs of ageing with Labo Transdermic multi action sun block**

If you are looking for an everyday SPF then look no further than Labo Trandermic’s Fluid Base SPF 50+ (RRP 249 AED). It is an innovative and broad-spectrum emulsion that goes a step further than standard sun protection, penetrating deep into the layers of skin to hydrate and prevent early signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

This feather light yet rich emulsion is free from colorants, parabens and solar filters that absorb harmful UV rays and cause detrimental damage to the skin. The ground-breaking formula contains 8 different Hyaluronic Acids and UVB/UVA sunscreens whilst creating a line of defence against free radicals which can lead to the break-down of collagen and premature skin ageing. What makes this product a true skin saviour, is its ability to be used alone or mixed with your favourite moisturiser or serum from the Labo Transdermic skin care range to create a customised sun screen.

Master the Art of Pro Color Correction and Contouring with Max Factor


Pro Color Correcting has emerged as one of the biggest trends to hit the beauty world as part of creating the perfect face make-up result. With a long history behind understanding facial features, and the science behind color harmony, color correcting has now become a vital part for make-up techniques to create a flawless look.

The secret to mastering the flawless face look goes beyond just highlighting and defining, it lies in creating an even skin tone and a flawless base as the canvas. Using Max Factor products and incorporating colour correction into your make-up routine, you are now able to conquer color correcting, contouring and highlighting and create a statement look in a few steps.

Step 1: Correct and perfect any skin discoloration and imperfections with Max Factor’s Colour Corrector Sticks

Use the specially designed, easy to apply and define, CC Sticks to achieve neutral and even skin tone. Each stick is carefully crafted to tackle specific problem areas; apply the Green CC Stick to neutralize any redness on the face, the Pink CC Stick to even out dark spots in lighter skin tones and use the Yellow CC Stick to hide dark under eye circles. Be sure to blend well to ensure the skin tone is balanced.

Step 2: Create a flawless, matte foundation base

After colour correcting, apply Max Factor’s Facefinity All Day Flawless Foundation to the face and neck to achieve an all over, high coverage, matte base. Acting as a moisturizer, primer and foundation, this 3-in-1 product guarantees a consistent matte finish and is perfect to use before contouring.

Step 3: Perfecting contouring and highlighting

Contour using the Panstik in Cool Bronze 97, and highlight using Panstik True Beige 12 to achieve a defined look with contoured features. Firstly, apply Cool Bronze 97 to the apples of the cheeks and t-zone to contour. Then add True Beige 12 to highlight under the eyes, along the cheekbones and through the t-zone. Next, using a brush, blend the product well into the skin to perfect a seamless contoured look.

Step 4: Sculpt and define for a finishing touch

Finish the look by adding Max Factor’s Crème Puff Blush to enhance the skin tone by blending the blush over the cheeks. The soft and light velvety texture allows easy application and brings the full look to life.

All of the products used to create the above look are available now in store at Max Factor approved retailers.

About Max Factor

One of the worlds’ pioneering cosmetics companies; Max Factor was founded at the beginning of the 20th century by the eponymous Polish-born cosmetician. Mr. Max Factor invented the concept of Colour Harmony and Diagnostics, which personalized make-up for women according to their skin tone, facial features and hair colour. Despite his make-up products and techniques winning Academy Awards and attracting Hollywood clientele, Mr. Max Factor’s guiding philosophy was that any woman could be glamorous given the right tools and make-up artistry skills.

Today, Max Factor is the make-up of make-up artists. Continuing Mr. Max Factor’s legacy is a community of make-up artists led by Joelle Mardinian in the Middle East, Global Creative Design Director for Max Factor. The brand creates modern, glamorous and innovative make-up that puts the transformative tools for make-up artistry into the hands of women everywhere – enabling them to create their own personal glamour statements every day.

The Max Factor CC sticks set is available from September 2017 at an RRP of AED 49

Max Factor All Day Fluid Foundation AED 98

Max Factor Crème Puff Blush AED 45 

Max Factor Pan Stick AED 44 

Visit Max Factor Arabia’s social media platforms:

● F:

● I: @MaxFactorArabia

● YT:

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Top Treatments for Lacklustre Locks from The Nail Pavilion

** Shine boosting, Frizz taming and Strand strengthening cures for your locks**

The Nail Pavilion_ HAIR
Fed up of your hair not looking its best? Too much stress, exposure to harmful UV-Rays, unmanageable hair and crazy hormones can wreak havoc on your hair. Which is why The Nail Pavilion is excited to unveil their October offers to give your hair the TLC they deserve.

The experts at The Nail Pavilion have handpicked treatments tailored to your individual haircare needs which can bring your tresses back to life and will help you restore lustre and texture keeping your hair vigorously healthy looking.

Here is more information on the nourishing, shine boosting and soothing hair treatments from The Nail Pavilion:

Brazilian Blowout Treatment
Buy 1 and get 30% off on your next Brazilian Blowout Treatment

The Brazilian Blowout provides you with smooth, frizz-free, easy-to-manage hair that can be customised to your needs. Whether you’re going for a sleek, straight look, or you want to keep your curl and just lose the frizz, you can achieve a result that’s perfect for you for up to 12 weeks. To ensure your hair stays frizz free for a year, The Nail Pavilion offers a ‘Buy 1 and get 30% off on your next Brazilian Blowout Treatment’ promotion for all clients.

Treatment Time: 2 Hours

Treatment Price: AED 1400+

Redken Hair Treatment

Redken hair treatment is made for tough-to-beat hair problems. This treatment includes several solutions for damaged hair, including split ends. Additionally, those facing thinning hair will find our hair thickening treatments as well as our scalp treatment helpful in improving the thickness and appearance of their hair. To make sure your hair looks bouncy and even better The Nail Pavilion is offering a blow-dry for only AED 50 following the hair treatment.

Treatment Time: 30 Mins

Treatment Price: AED 300
with blowdry: AED 350
Olaplex Repairing Treatment

Olaplex is a revolutionary new treatment that repairs and multiplies bonds within the hair shaft, leaving hair shinier, stronger, and healthier. Perfect for every hair type, Olaplex is particularly suited for those whose hair has been damaged by colour,

chemical, and styling services. It helps color last longer and appear more vibrant, and it’s also a great way to prepare hair before a chemical smoothing or straightening treatment.

Treatment Time: 45 Mins

Treatment Price: AED 200

The Oribe Blowout
Indulge in a five-star blowout and treat yourself to ‘The Oribe Blowout’. The salons hair experts will use a selection of Oribe products suited to your hair type to achieve the best results. The blowout starts off with a luxurious lather in Oribe’s shampoo and conditioner. All Oribe shampoos and conditioners are light weight, and will keep your hair soft and protected. Your blowout will be finished with one of Oribe’s sprays that prevents your hair from looking dull and dry while giving hold and texture if needed. All Oribe products contain their signature scent, Cote d’Azur, and will leave hair smelling fresh all day.

Treatment Time: 45 Mins
Treatment Price: starting from AED 120

*Clients always receive 20% off on all the salon services every Sundays.

Please find the link to high-resolution images here: The Nail Pavilion Images

Lipstick shades to suit your hair colour from Lipstick Queen

** Now you can find the perfect match for lips and locks **

Finding the perfect lipstick shade to match your hair colour can often seem like mission impossible. Not all lipstick shades match with all hair colours so it is important to understand what shades work best for you.

And that’s where Lipstick Queen can help you reign supreme and put you on the path to the perfect shade.

Brunette beauties are blessed with choice! There are many lipstick shades that work harmoniously with brown coloured hair. We recommend Velvet Rope – Brat Pack (250 AED), the perfect striking bold red.  A pigment-rich, feather-like, matte lipstick which glides effortlessly on to your lips. Pure Hollywood glamour in a lipstick.

Blondes are all bright! Blondes are well suited to brighter lip colours and gorgeous pink shades give that perfect glowing natural look. Saint – Hot Rose (125 AED) is a long-lasting, flattering and fabulous deep rose shade with 10% pigment to give you a hint of the colour. Reminiscent of Hollywood glamour, Saint lipsticks are designed to be the ultimate go-to lipstick shades.

Redheads keep it real! Redheads should opt for a more natural or nude lip shade and not something that will compete with the bold colour of the red tones in the hair colour. For a more striking look Jungle Queen (140 AED) is for you. It is a gorgeous, semi-sheer, creamy, moisturising coral shade that will complement red hair.

Lipstick Queen is available in Dubai from Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols, Areej and Paris Gallery branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, or online at

Visit to discover more and keep up-to-date with their latest news on Facebook (, Instagram (@beautysolutionsme) and Twitter (@abeautysolution).

Contour, Highlight and Bronze your Body with Ease with Madame LA LA

MadameLALA_SelfTanMousse_Bottle & Box_AED195_ Resized-2

**Go body contour crazy with Madame LA LA’s Self Tan Mousse**

Contouring has fast become the buzz word on any beauty lovers’ lips. From sculpted cheekbones to a slimmer nose and a less pronounced forehead, contouring is a clever way to sculpt and define your natural features and can be done as subtly or as dramatically as you like.

The craze for contouring has now reached new levels and has even made its way to the rest of the body. If you are longing for supermodel-esque legs, abs of steel or more toned and defined arms, but haven’t quite made it happen yet, Madame LA LA are here to help and give you the illusion of the #bodygoals you have always dreamed of.


If you have always dreamed of legs a la Giselle, Madame LA LA suggest streamlining them by tensing muscles so you can see the indentations running down the leg and inner thigh. Next apply Madame LA LA Self-Tan Mousse 200ml (AED 195) whilst keeping muscles tensed with a little extra applied on the muscle lines to shade, blend and there you have it – Giselle legs!


To get Rihanna’s abs of steel without hitting the gym Madame LA LA suggest some serious body contouring. Tense muscles and apply self tan mousse to your gloves/mitt and simply smooth over the stomach until formula is well blended and settled to add subtle definition.


Jessica Alba has gorgeously toned arms but you can create the illusion of slimmer defined arms by standing in front of the mirror and flexing your arm muscles. Once you have figured out where the natural definition is, apply self tan mousse to the contours of the upper arms and deepened shoulder bones to create that defined razor sharp look like Jessica’s.


Victoria’s Secret models are known for their glowing skin and perky cleavages, however you can carve your way to this look with some clever lighting tricks! Accentuate the cleavage by mixing a little glimmer bronzer into the DD self tan mousse which contains a built-in moisturiser and toner. Apply over the décolletage area, glide over the bust and the golden particles found in your bronzer will reflect light off your skin and create instant definition!

Madame LA LA Tan is a DD (Dynamic do-all) self-tan perfecting mousse with natural skincare benefits. Madame LA LA Tan provides an instant LA glow that develops into an even, deep golden colour in three hours. Infused with hydrating ingredients and innovative colour customising technology, this lightweight mousse works to produce a more natural tan.
Tan the safe way this year. Madame LA LA Tan lasts for ten days and will leave you looking as if you have spent two weeks on Malibu beach!